Give Love, Have Sex

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 6 (2615 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Experiencing life would be the most arduous and critical point a human being could ever encounter yet the most beautiful and cherished among all others. As we go on, life’s generosity gets better and bolder, from the wisdom we get everyday, the values inculcated unto us, and the emotions on how we respond to life’s trials and enjoyment which we rely on for filling some empty parts of our lives. Then as our minds function, it looks for a missing piece- the feeling of being loved. According to Bonacci (1996), “Love, real love, is above all about wanting what is best for the other person, it is about caring that person’s well-being, love means never ever unnecessarily putting that person at any kind of risk”(p.91). Love is the most overused word in our vocabulary in today’s world. We define it as what our experiences proved and gathered. It has many definitions from different people with different prerogatives. For this reasons, it is the most misinterpreted word in the dictionary. From our history, we have met Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Casanova, Helen of Troy, and Cleopatra. These are just some of the most adored and famous couples throughout the history of mankind who gave their all in the name of love. Their stories are made into songs, ballads and poems to reminisce their trials for love. And their love was remembered through marriage, the covenant to establish love. So what drove these couples to become one? Evidently, it was love and of course the baser instinct of love- sex. It is very hesitant to talk about sex, but let’s face the reality that sex is really a part of life. Not just a part but a very essential point of maturity. Seemingly the tapestries of stories past and present are filled with the travail of people and sex enriches it. As what they say it gives color to the lives of people who are in love especially the married ones. Sex speaks the language of “I give myself to you totally and completely now and I have already committed my life to you and we are now married and with this act, I renew that sacrament” (Bonacci, p.79). It symbolizes oneness, commitment, loyalty and trust. Reuben (1969) said: “Sex can also be a means of expressing love when all the words have been said,the deep emotional bond that flows from the dramatic fusion of two bodies and two spirits can be the most profound way of saying ‘I love you’.” These just implicates that the best way to show love is through sex.

Why all the hype about sex? What sex really is? Sex is a baser instinct of human being, an instinct that hustles men and women to do the sexual act and procreate. Nowadays, sex is a pleasure act. The advances of science and medicine enable humans to enjoy sex without the addend burden of accidental conception, a pleasure without the headache. But what is the relationship between love and sex? Does love automatically entails sex? Love and sex really goes hand in hand but there are many types of love and not all relationships require sex, for example parental, sisterly and brotherly love. On the other hand we may talk about love is blind and sex is not, which means that men and women can have sex with anyone irregardless of love. Because of this generation sex is really a big thing when it comes to pleasure and enjoyment. Others may say that it is their driving force to live life as pleasurable as it can be. People really can’t deny the truth that maturity is focused on the value of sex. As people grow older, knowledge on sex broadens and as a natural response they experiment. But we may think on sex as something related of being naughty and dirty as what our grandparents always tell us when we were young but the truth is: According to the Bible, found in both Genesis 2:24 and Mathew 19:4-5, one of the commandments given by God is “you shall have sex.” There we find that when God performed the first wedding, He directed the couple to become one. Man and woman became one flesh in the act of sexual intercourse. This...
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