Give and Defend Your Opinion on How a Person Could Acquire Cultural Intelligence

Topics: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Culture, Bribery Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Give and defend your opinion on how a person could acquire cultural intelligence.

Create a scenario of corruption faced by an overseas employee and hypothesize how he/she could combat the corruption.

You are the production manager of a firm headquartered in Canada, New Generation Cars (NGC), which has developed a new technology of car manufacturing with hydrocarbon fuel cells, resulting in much greater fuel efficiency. NGC plans to introduce the car prototype at the international car show next month in Monte Carlo. NGC has been advertising the new car and predicts it will be able to secure approximately 2,500 sales orders for the car at the show, with delivery ready in three months. NGC’s main competitor, EGA in Germany, will also exhibit their new fuel-efficient car prototype at the show, which has been advertised and is ready for production. The price tags on the two firms’ cars appear to be about the same. NGC faces a problem of malfunctioning seat belts, which are produced in China for a lower cost. Which of the four strategic responses to ethical challenges would you choose to address the situation, as well as mitigate costs, and what action would you take? Present this solution as if you are addressing a called meeting of shareholders to address these issues, and provide justification (both ethical and economic) for your response. Acquiring cultural intelligence is best done by immersing oneself in that culture, this makes the process a hands-on and interactive one. Until one has the need to actually communicate within a new culture and function efficiently in it one does not truly internalize the details and become aware of key aspects of that new culture. Prior to immersing oneself in the new culture, one must become aware of the specifics of one’s own ingrained culture inclusive of its positive and negative attributes (Peng, 2011.). Particularly, when comparing cultures one should see the differences as simply ‘differences’, and not value...
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