Gitam University: A Center for Distance Learning

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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(Estd. u/s 3 of the UGC Act, 1956)

(Approved by Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC)

Centre for Distance Learning


Third Floor, Balaji Metro Plaza, Dondaparthi Main Road, Visakhapatnam-530 016. Phone: 0891-2796499, 2797499, 7799668883 E-mail: Note: 1) 2) Last date for submission of assignments for all the courses / papers is20-11-2012. Non-submission of assignments as per the scheduled date mentioned above attracts a fine of Rs. 200/- upto 30-11-2012 per each assignment of a course / paper and under any circumstances the assignments will not be accepted from 1st December, 2012.

2. 3.

101 - PERSPECTIVES OF MANAGEMENT & BEHAVIOUR 5 X 3=15 Marks ASSIGNMENT – I 1. Discuss the responsibilities of a manager. 2. Illustrate the significance of management information system. 3. Explain the various skills required for manager in building up an organization. 4. What do you understand by mission, objectives, strategy and procedures and how important are those in decision making process? 5. Which types of managerial decisions correspond to basic decision? 5 X 3 =15 Marks ASSIGNMENT – II 6. Explain the evolution of management by Objectives. 7. Conflict can have both positive and negative impact on individuals, groups and organization-comment. 8. Elaborate the phases of a change process within an organization. 9. Differentiate between formal and informal organization structure. 10.Discuss the dynamics of group formation and how is it different from formal and informal groups. Executive ‐ MBA – GEN/HRM : First Semester   1 

4. 5.

102 - MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS 5 X 3 =15 Marks ASSIGNMENT – I What is managerial Economics .What is its scope and importance o a corporate firm? Explain how managerial economists can advice the top management of a consumers goods manufacturing company in decision making? Among the multiplicity of objectives that a modern firm has profit maximization continues to be the most important. Comment. What are...
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