Girls State Application- Being an American

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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Teenagers these days no longer show their pride in being an American anymore. I truly believe that without that pride in your country, there is no America. To encourage those people, maybe even friends of your own, to actually show the pride that they may or may not have in their country, you must make them realize how wonderful this country is and how well off they have it here compared to other countries all over the world. Though America is in a bad time at the moment, we have the strength and persistence to get through it as we have in the past. There are over a million people currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, risking their lives for each and every American citizen, yet people don’t think about this and take their freedom for granted. Let’s take my cousin for example, her husband is in the Marines, and he is currently somewhere over seas. She is now living with my aunt, while he is away, with their one year old son. He has missed almost the entire second year of his son’s life to protect the citizens of this country, but the things is, the people they are fighting for don’t realize how much these soldiers surrender to make this country safe for the people they love. If people don’t show their patriotism and take these things for granted, they will think about it in the future and wish they would have been more grateful for what they had when they had it. Although the Pledge of Allegiance is said every day in class, students forget the real meaning behind it. They feel like it is a burden to stand up for approximately two minutes, if that, and say the Pledge that stands for the independence of our country, when soldiers across seas are fighting for them and giving their lives so they have the right to be in school at that very moment. Why can’t they show their pride in being an American for those two lousy minutes? Do they think they look stupid? Maybe they’re tired, or embarrassed? Maybe next time they hear the Pledge begin they...
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