Girls in Their Summer Dresses

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Leah Chiarantano

Mrs. Lwowska


September 13th, 2010

The Girls In Their Summer Dresses

The short story ‘The Girls In Their Summer Dresses’ by Irwin Shaw has two main characters named Michael and Frances. Frances shows three character traits because of Michael which are observant, argumentative, and sarcastic. Frances shows a keen eye at being observant and realizing things happening in front of her. Her husband constantly looks at other women in a tempting way and she makes note of it in her mind to point it out; “You always look at other women… at every damn woman in the city of New York” (Shaw, 3). Frances always brings it up and doesn’t let it slide. Secondly Frances is very argumentative by proving her point, constantly bringing it up and not letting it go; “Every damn place we go’, later on she brings it up again, ‘you look at every woman that passes” (Shaw, 3). Michael tries to ease the situation and fix things but Frances constantly argues her ideas. Lastly Frances also has a sarcastic side to her when dealing with situations she’s not happy with; “If its just a couple of fur coats and forty five dollar hats” ( Shaw, 6). When Michael explains himself for his mistakes Frances uses them against him in a sarcastic manner. Frances’ traits mostly come up in her negative situations but are shown in her daily life. Frances’ traits of being aware, disputative and cynical. These traits come up in relation to one another because of the plot in ‘The Girls In Their Summer Dresses’ by Irwin Shaw.
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