Girls Are More Achiever Than Boys

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Why are girls higher achievers?|
A survey by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has revealed that women in developed countries have overtaken men at every level of education.According to the report, girls are now more confident of getting better-paid professional jobs than their male counterparts.One of the main reasons given for this success is that girls tend to be ahead of boys in literacy skills which gives them an advantage when it comes to university admission.What makes girls high achievers? And why are boys falling behind? Can there be true equality in achievement?This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.The following comments reflect the balance of views we have received: | SUGGEST A DEBATEThis topic was suggested by Richard P, UK Why are girls doing better than boys in education everywhere in the developed world?  Send us your suggestions for Have Your Say debates|

Girls tend to do better academically in school because they work harder. But this could be, in part, because girls are less interested in sport. Sport encourages risk taking, which, in the long run, could be the reason why men achieve higher results in the real world.  Stefan Worsley, Tunbridge WellsI believe the main reason girls do better is the fact that the majority of teachers in primary schools are female. My son is now in primary seven and is being taught by one of just two male teachers in the school, both teachers are P7.  Carousel, N IrelandI think it's ridiculous to say that girls do better than boys because there are more female teachers. That may be true for the humanities but there were no women in the technology department in my school, lucky for me the male teachers were just as supportive to their only female student! Now that I am doing construction engineering at university there are a few more girls on the course but no female lectures!  Ruth, IrelandAnother contest is it? I think the main reason why boys fall behind is not that they are thick or lazy, they are just not interested until they grow up and realise why they were pestered to study. I won't mention why there are more men in the IT market than women.  Derran, WalesBecause girls distract the boys in lessons! It's obvious. The way some girls dress in class these days would make the most conscientious boy turn his head and cause his mind to wander!  Iain, UKIt depends where your goalposts are. In school or college and many of the new universities - where it seems to boil down more and more to being a diligent parrot, girls are achieving the highest. Yet where it takes individual initiative, the men are equal or doing better. To seemingly be elitist in our flattened society - it is revelatory that the first class pass rate at Oxford University is proportionately dominated by males.  Joseph Winters, Japan |  Girls might do well in school but in the stressful workplace it's the boys excel Brenda, USA|

Girls have a very clear advantage in the classroom. Learning/being taught in the class by an instructor is a passive activity. You sit and listen to learn. With boys, the mere sitting and listening is quite difficult for most. Also, most boys need a lot of physical activity. Girls might do well in school but in the stressful workplace it's the boys excel. Boys have that edge when it comes to competitiveness, risk-taking, and working in unfavourable conditions.  Brenda, USAThe socialising effect on student's learning is crucial. If the home values learning and that is reflected in the life of the family, peer pressure is diminished. Many comments are concerned with the "nerd" mentality facing boys. Girls can equally be faced with this pressure. The answer, children who value themselves and learning and schools which reflect that. The internet and alternate educational options now available allow broader choices for students to not be pressured by peer groups.  Tess Williams, AustraliaOh no, here we go again! Another case...
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