Girls and Violence Biast

Topics: Assault, Domestic violence, Violence Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: March 12, 2013

A Current Affair Segment: That young women are increasingly represented as violent and out of control by Racy Scrimshaw

! INT. SCENE - DESCRIPTION The opening scene is played, two female characters from “the Shire” fighting on the street. Reference: Play 15 seconds with voiceover. SCRIMSHAW VOICEOVER We’ve all seen it happen, when the tensions that brew on the set of reality television boil over into real life. And many of us will roll our eyes and turn to another channel. SHOT- SOPHIE AND VERNESSA. NO SOUND. HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=YOBXMTPKUUS SCRIMSHAW VOICEOVER It may seem like a joke, or even a publicity setup, but increasingly young Australian women are being portrayed by the media as violent and out of control. Alarmingly, many of the role models portrayed in feature films are of young strong, self directed females who when faced with a problem or crisis physically fight their way out of a tough spot, often without regard for the lives of their opponents. EXT SCENE- SCRIMSHAW WALKING Scrimshaw is walking along the J block corridor after PC. Students are at their lockers and milling about. SCRIMSHAW But do we want reality television stars and computer enhanced Feature Film Action heroines to be the role models for our teenage girls? Especially when the image they are portraying is one of violent narcissism? (Pause- gesture behind at predominantly female students). And is it just a case of “art” mirroring reality? Are our schools, particularly girls, using physical assault to both vent and vanquish?


Thesis statement

! INT SCENE- SLOW CLOSE UP OF WEBSITE ACTNOW.COM.AU SCRIMSHAW VOICEOVER The New South Wales government website “Act Now” uses NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics data to show that: (pan in and highlight) “violence among young girls has grown almost four times the rate of its rise among young boys, and has doubled over the past 10 years”. Further data shows conclusively that violence...
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