Girl Running Away

Topics: Bus, Walking, Taxicab Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: August 15, 2012
Running head: Sherreace Brown

Girl Running Away
Sherreace Brown
Urban Cleaves

When she first stepped off the bus the first thing she saw was the buildings they were huge and she could taste the exaust of the busses behind her .Blowing in the air when she grabbed her bags from under the bus she felt the vibrations run threw her body from the bus. She was so hungry and threw the smog taste in her mouth she smelled a hot dog stand near by with the hint of onions she also heard yelling busses being called out for their destinations. Everything was so exciting and new to her.She couldn’t wait to get to the halfway house so she could start her new life over , Like she was getting a do over she waived a taxi down . She only had so many minutes to get to , Bryden Rd Columbus, Ohio so she told the samalian taxi driver her situation how she had no time to waste . He immediately turned on the meter and they were off she reached her destination in enough time to allow the man to retrieve her bags from the trunk and walk her to the front door.When she first walked in she could smell murphy oil soap they used for cleaning the wood floors. . She gave them her name and was shown her room she unpacked it felt weird to her because she was in the free world again . No one telling her when to get up when to go to sleep when to pee not to pee .Just free over all but in her mind she was still running away from her past insteade of going home she decided to go to a city she had no family in or friends . But she would soon learn that was a big mistake .She did what she needed to do to get out the halfway house earlier than 90 days and found her an apartment and a job but she still had hidden issues the fact that she was a closet drinker and as time went on she started to get lonely and would drink to get to sleep at night and that started her to miss work and she lost her job and meet this guy who was in to deep dark drugs she was looking for love in the wrong places, and she...
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