Girl Interupted

Topics: Borderline personality disorder, Bipolar disorder, Antisocial personality disorder Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Girl, Interrupted is about a 18 year old girl named Susanna Kaysen and the events that happened to her during her stay at the Claymoore Hospital. The movie begins when Susanna starts taking a large amount of aspirin, and later believed that she was trying to commit suicide, but she denies it. Susanna was sent to the Claymoore Hospital for some “rest.” There, she befriends some of the patients living in the ward. Susanna then met Lisa, who is a diagnosed sociopath, and befriended her too. The two girls later start causing trouble around the ward. Susanna later learn that she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I agree with both Susanna and Lisa diagnosis of being a borderline and a sociopath.

I agree with Susanna diagnosis of being a borderline, because she has showed 5 out of the 9 criterias for it. One of them is suicidal behavior, Susanna showed this at the beginning of the movie, where she took too much aspirin and a bottle of vodka, and nearly killing herself. That brings up one area in impulsivity, substance abuse. Another area in impulsivity would be promiscuous sex. In the movie, Susanna had an affair with her high school teacher and slept 2 guys in the same day. Another criteria would be emptiness, when Lisa wasn’t at the ward for a while Susanna became less active, she would just lay on her bed. One scene shows Susanna lashing out at one of the nurse when she got dumped into a tub of water, which shows intense anger. Susanna want to fit in with the girls in the ward, so she joins them in whatever they are doing to avoid being abandon.

Studies shows that there is a link between BPD and childhood abuse. The movie show that Susanna’s parents aren’t the best parents in the world. Susanna’s dad is more focus on his self-image than his own daughter health issues. In the movie, he wanted Susanna to be released, because he want to maintain his perfect image as this happy family. It wasn’t mention in the movie but, maybe when Susanna was a...
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