Girl, Interrupted

Topics: Michel Foucault, Panopticon, Prison Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: December 6, 2012
ENG W131
3 November 2012
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Lost Puppy
How can someone find his or hers’ true identity? One way is through psychosocial moratorium from Sherry Turkle’s, “Cyberspace and Identity.” As stated by Turkle, “adolescent moratorium is a time of intense interaction with people and ideas. It is a time of passionate friendships and experimentation.” (468) Applying this concept to Girl, Interrupted unveils that psychosocial moratorium is essential to finding his or hers’ identity. In Michel Foucault’s “Panopticon,” discipline further shows what is vital in finding his or hers’ true identity. Through psychosocial moratorium and discipline is where someone will find his or hers’ identity.

In two specific scenes from Girl, Interrupted does it exemplify where someone is helped with finding their identity. Superior figures try and guide Susanna to the discovery of her identity. The dialogue in the scenes helps analyze Susanna’s identity. The first instance where Susanna finds her inner self is when Valerie walks in to check on Susanna. Turkle talks about how, “ Erikson’s notion of the moratorium was not a “hold” on significant experiences but on their consequences.” (468) The consequence of Lisa’s actions to where it made Daisy make the decision of committing suicide had a big impact on Susanna. She could have done something to stop Daisy from making the decision she did but was too afraid to stand up for her against Lisa. She wanted to go upstairs and talk to Daisy but by the time she decided to, it was too late. It is a very severe consequence from Lisa’s actions that made a huge impact on Susanna. Susanna talks in a very depressed manner and she makes it seem as if she has been crying the whole night. She began to apologize to Valerie for all that she has done to her. With Susanna realizing what has happened, she now knows what she has to do to find her identity. She needs to tell everything she told Valerie to the doctors, go to the meetings and do as they...
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