Girl in the Window Analysis Paper

Topics: Pulitzer Prize, Time, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Brittaney Doss
ENG 303
November 15, 2012
Girl in the window Response Questions
1. What is your initial reaction to this piece? Use descriptive language to describe how you felt while reading this. * I endured several emotions while reading this piece. It was an emotional roller coaster for me. Emotions of sadness, hopefulness, and happiness came over me while reading this piece. I was floored when reading the conditions of the home in the beginning of the piece; I couldn’t believe that people could live in such conditions, yet alone with a baby. I also was taken for a loop when I read the consequences that the mother received. I was extremely upset with the protocol of Child Protective Services. The testimonial from the mother made me angry. I too grew up in a toxic situation for most of my childhood. Although my conditions were not comparable to the environment that Danielle was in, I could feel that look that the writer described as pain and hopelessness. I could not have sympathy for this woman and I couldn’t accept how she could justify her actions. 2. What is investigative journalism?

* The journalist investigates and researches a specific topic for a long period of time. They use the newly found information and older facts to create the story. Their job is to uncover facts that have not been revealed. 3. Lane DeGregory (woman) wrote this piece. What can you find out about her online? * When I searched Lane I found links to her social network accounts, videos and personal website. I also found several articles about “Girl in the Window.” There was additional information on the journey that he endured while investigating Danielle’s story. Her copartner Melissa, who was a photojournalist, revealed information about Lane. I found information on how to contact and book her for group talks and information about other pieces in which she has written. 4. Discuss Lane DeGregory’s style in your own words. What’s working in...
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