Girl in the Window

Topics: Journalism, Parent, Emotions Pages: 1 (456 words) Published: December 11, 2012
1. My initial reaction to this piece was a mix of sadness, disgust and confusion. I didn’t think it was possible for a mother to neglect their child to such extremes. To me it seems outlandish for a child to never be held or given the basic forms of human contact. Then for her brothers to not have an instinct to protect her, surprised me as well. I have five brothers; four are half brothers and two I’ve never met. If I found out any one of them was in trouble, there is no doubt in my mind I would react and try to help them. 2. Investigative journalism is when reporters spend long periods of time researching and investigating one topic to find out every detail they can. It requires analyzing documents and interviewing with the people of the story, which makes it a primary source. 3. DeGregory got her undergrad and master’s in rhetoric and communications studies from the University of Virginia. After writing for the Virginian-Pilot for 10 years, she moved to Florida to write for the St. Petersburg Times. 4. DeGregory uses a lot of raw description in her writing. The reader is able to see almost exactly what was going on at the moment and draw their own emotions from it. The quotes and statements used from the people she interviewed worked perfectly with the piece. 5. This article differs from articles we have read so far because it is an investigative piece. It is the raw truth about something extremely unfortunate that happened. DeGregory gives both sides of the story but you always feel bad for the poor girl. 6. Qualities that this piece shares with others that we have read is the amount of detail and descriptiveness in the writing. 7. Tone and mood were two techniques that were utilized in this piece. DeGregory did a great job of using tone throughout the piece that made you feel for Dani. 8. DeGregory introduced her characters in a way where it didn’t give too much away but the reader still got a sense of who they were and what they...
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