Girl by Jamacia Kinkaid

Topics: Antigua, Jamaica Kincaid, Family Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: January 30, 2013
This short Girl written by Jamaica Kincaid can be considered a dialogue. Through class discussions we are aware that Jamaica was born in Antigua, singing Benna is an example of that.Most of her stories were written based on the relationship with her mother. This short essay focuses on the theme and style of writing in this short story. We are introduced directly to where a mother is giving necessary but basic instructions to a girl, presumably her daughter on how to act. The style the author uses seems to be very authoritative and dictatorial from the first line, for example “ Wash White Clothes on Monday and put them on the stone heap; wash the color clothes on Tuesday and put them on the clothes line to dry. The sentences structures are long where the author expects her daughter be repressed and engage in only home activities such as sewing and washing clothes. Moreover, we also realize that the mother is giving instructions on how be respectable women, among many others “don’t sing Benna in Sunday school” is an example of that. The author basically delivers us more with a speech more than a narrative as it is a lecture given to a on how to be a perfect woman and not a “slut”. In this case we can presume the word “slut” is a metaphor compared to a modern woman who is independent and the mother considers that to be unacceptable and unrespectable. The theme brought about of being domestic household women is bluntly available for us to see. It gives an impression that the Mother has accomplished a lot by doing those activities is more dictatorial as the mother does not give the daughter a chance to defend herself and protest the fact that she is not a slut.

To conclude, the author is giving us these sentences with use of semicolons gives me an impression of a parent who is concerned of her daughter and wants what is best for her according to her natural instinct as a mother. Today we still receive lectures from parents on how to be as an individual and...
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