Giorgio Armani's Fragrance for Men: Effectiveness of an Advertisement

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  • Published : January 26, 2011
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This paper will examine the effectiveness of an advertisement for Giorgio Armani’s fragrance for men found in Men’s Health magazine. Focusing on the specifics of the ad, analysis will be done to depict the ins and outs of how the advertisement is conveying its message to the reader. To understand how marketers exploit their products to the consumers, the dynamics of an ad can be studied. Assessing the advertisement on a few important characteristics such as how the product is differentiated from the competitors, is there a need for redesign to obtain a more universal appeal, or are there any triggers which might evoke some negative emotions towards the product. The ad is a full page, double sided ad in the magazine. This is one of many fragrance promotions which are found throughout the magazine. To assess the characteristics of the ad, a number of questions can be asked to depict if there is room from improvement to effectively relay the marketer’s promotion.

Promotional Effectiveness of an Advertisement
Assessing the characteristics of an advertisement can lead to an understanding of how marketers promote their products to the consumer in effective or not so effective ways. Thumbing through Men’s Health magazine there are numerous ads. In fact, there seems to be an ad on every other page screaming out at the reader. To differentiate their product from other competitors, marketers have the task of effectively appealing to a universal customer without sacrificing the effectiveness of the target segment. In some cases there is a glaring need for a possible redesign or some other way to improve the advertisement. The strategies used by marketers to promote the Giorgio Armani’s fragrance can be assessed through a number of questions focusing on the effectiveness of the advertisement.

According to Mullins and Walker Jr. (2010), identifying and having a clear understanding of the target market is essential for the planning and...
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