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0 Health benefits of Ginger – truly amazing!
Ginger has been used for its health benefits for over 5000 years and is a favorite medicinal as well as culinary herb. Unlike most spices, the part that has the most medicinal value grows under ground. Often mistakenly called “ginger root” this is actually the rhizome of the plant which is more of a subterranean stem than a root. Although you can use dried ginger and powdered ginger for health benefits, fresh ginger is preferred. The list of health benefits of ginger keeps growing and here are the most important ones: 1. The intake of ginger helps stimulate the secretion of mucus, quieting your cough and soothing any scratchiness in your throat.. 2. Ginger has been proven (in multiple studies) to treat feelings of nausea, particularly in the form of seasickness, morning sickness, motion sickness and as a side effect of chemotherapy. {In pregnancy is to be extra careful!! Never use any herb, including ginger, without first discussing it with your doctor!! As for those suffering from ulcer, or other very serious gastric problems, they should also consult their doctor.} 3. Ginger contains anti viral, anti toxic, and anti fungal properties, and is used for the prevention of and treatment against the common cold. 4. Ginger acts as an antihistamine and aids in the treatment of allergies. 5. Ginger displays anti inflammatory properties and can be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and various other muscular disorders. 6. The chemical components of the root are instrumental in inhibiting the biosynthesis of prostaglandins which are responsible for causing inflammations. 7. Eating ginger may help to prevent cancer and aging disorders. 8. Ginger contains special enzymes responsible for catalyzing the proteins in your food, thus aiding in digestion and the prevention of cramps. 9. Ginger is good for those with constipation!

{The ancient Greeks used to eat ginger after a large meal, in order to ease the...
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