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Case 3
Guilty as Charged


1. Perform a SWOT Analysis for Gilt Groupe.
2. Looking at your SWOT, what is the single greatest threat facing GG? How would you react to this challenge? What strategy would you follow or propose? 3. Looking at your SWOT, what is the single greatest opportunity facing GG? How would you go about taking advantage of this opportunity? What strategy would you follow or propose? 4. Five years from now, where do you see GG? A success? A failure? Why?

• Do not be too cryptic with your responses. In other words, don’t just give me a bullet point in your SWOT analysis with something like “the economy” as your response. I’ll need more explanation than that. • Make sure to not neglect the issues we’ve talked about in class…especially for your SWOT analysis. Are there research issues? Environmental issues? • You may write in bullet list or paragraph form …or…you can do a bit of both. • Use the articles I’ve provided to get you started.

• I will expect at least five additional references related to the issues in this case. I’ll need a reference page…so…use APA format (or something close). No more than ten additional references…have mercy on me. • I will also expect some organizational structure…in other words…headings…check the spelling…grammar…appropriate paragraph breaks…etc…!

Title: By: Hempel, Jessi, Fortune, 00158259, 12/8/2008, Vol. 158, Issue 11 Database:
Business Source Complete

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How a New York startup put fashion sample sales online and established a recession-resistant business model in the process IF YOU ARE AN URBAN WOMAN of a certain age, chances are you've spent at least one afternoon in line at a sample sale. They are the end-of-season fashionista free-for-alls where designers try to clear their inventories with deep discounts. Sample sales are the way you get a Marc Jacobs handbag cheap, or perhaps a pair of Sergio Rossi pumps. High fashion, low price plays well under any economic circumstances-but during a flagging economy? How countercyclical can you get? The only drawback to sample sales: They tend to be held in rag-trade enclaves like New York and Paris. Well, ladies (and gentlemen) in Tacoma and Tampa and every other fine metropolis in between that doesn't happen to have a luxury-apparel industry: An enterprising team of techies at has brought sample sales online. Gilt, as the site is known, was started by two women who share a taste for couture, as well as an alma mater and some business chops. Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Alexis Maybank-ages 32 and 33, respectively-met as undergrads at Harvard. The former head of North American retail operations for Bulgari, Wilkis Wilson supervises the merchandise. Maybank, who was an early employee at eBay Canada, handles strategy. (There's a third co-founder: Kevin Ryan, who helped start DoubleClick years ago before selling it to Google. Gilt is a part of Alley Corp., Ryan's New York-based Internet incubator.) And in September, Gilt landed a big hire: Susan Lyne, former CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, passed on a job running Oprah's media company to become Gilt's CEO. The site has a handful of,, and Editor's Closet, to name some. But Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, calls Gilt "one of the leading innovators in online luxury," highlighting the site's strong designer collection and its management team. You can't just join Gilt; another member has to invite you. The site hosts roughly 20 sales a week, each starting at noon and lasting exactly 36 hours. Merchandise includes clothing, accessories, and...
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