Gilded Age- Immigration

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Gilded Age- Immigration
During the 1880’s immigration patterns changed significantly, the new immigrants came from southern and eastern Europe. Unlike before when most had come from the British Isles and western Europe. These new immigrants were largely illiterate and impoverished, and came in large amounts. They totaled 19 percent of the imcoming immigrants in the 1880’s. Between 1880-1920, almost 24 million immigrants arrived to the United States. At first being welcomed and promised the American dream to then being restricted and mistreated.

Immigrants were inspired to come to America by its reputation as the “Land of Liberty”. Also by the Emma Lazarus “Give me your tired, your poor… I lift my lamp beside the golden door” (Doc A). People really believed America was the solution to their problems and it would help them live a better life. America is where everyone is free to become whatever he can make of himself (Doc B). They were well welcomed at first although they had to try and fit in with everyone else and adopt religion (Doc C). A lot of times tried to force to put religion before the country (Doc I). But government liked the fact that they could help America further industrializing and pay them less.

New immigration although was accepted, taking care of them was a big business. The United States did not think about checking immigrants and weed out the criminals and insane. Immigrants were often being discriminated and blamed for crimes and offenses because of there status, although there criminal record compared to that of native born comes out even better (Doc D). A lot of bosses provided jobs and services for votes, doing what ever it took to win. Some good American people even reached out to immigrants like Jane Adams who established Hall House, an American settlement house. The Hall House helped newcomers cope with American big-city life.

Soon the United States realized the cities overpopulation issues which could no longer be handled (Doc...
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