Gilded Age Essay

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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The Gilded Age was a period of rapid growth economically and in population in the 1870’s to 1900 in the US. I’m going to explain why we are in a second gilded age because we still have robber barons and that people still having major protests over the economic gap between the rich and the poor.

The Gilded Age had protests over the huge gap between the rich and poor people. Right now we are having lots of protests over the fact that 1 percent of populations have 40 percent of the money in US known as the occupy movement or the 99%. I think that if the rate of the police crackdowns should increase the protests will turn into riots and maybe open rebellion. I can see why people are protesting, I support them I think there is something the government should do about a broken system that we in place right now.

Robber Barons are tycoons that that monopolized a market through questionable practices and they influence politics for their own gain. I believe we still have Robber Baron’s hands in the government today. The new of Robber Barons today are bankers and stock brokers have convinced the government to bail them out of debt in 2008 because they made bad loans and brought the economy down. Funny how protests in the Middle East could spark the occupy movement via the same tactics. We all wondered how we can fix the system; looking back in history will teach us. Can we use the lessons that were learnt back from first Gilded Age? Unionize was one of the lesson learn. A sense of community and unity will help us feel equal for the protesters are calling of better system to be in place. I just hope this never happens again.
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