Gilamesh Quest

Topics: Epic of Gilgamesh, Ishtar, Epic poetry Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Internal and External Quest toward Change
Ever since the beginning of time man has endured trials and tribulations that will overall contribute to the making of him as a being. In The Epic of Gilgamesh we see this factor play a role in the protagonist life just as well. Gilgamesh goes on 2 major quests that will ultimately change him forever. He encounters external quests that will contribute to his own internal quest for acceptance of his divine and mortal attributes. Throughout the story we see his evolution from self- righteous tyrant to a king with great wisdom. His quests begin to help him find the wisdom to accept his fate and make peace with the fate that the gods have bestowed upon him. Gilgamesh is by far one of the most growing characters in any epic poem. His many journeys make him a better and more devoted king. These traits will make him a person worth remember for centuries to come.

Gilgamesh quest to the cedar forest is directly reflective of his want for fame and to leave a name worth remembering. This ill-advised journey to conquer the creature of these woods was nothing more than a power trip as expressed by Gilgamesh himself. “I will conquer him in his cedar wood and show the strength of the son of Uruk, all the world shall know of it” (The Epic of Gilgamesh 73). His wants are manly to pursue the name of which he wants to leave behind. His eyes are deluded from the many dangers of such a quest; he doesn’t understand that there is much to lose if he does not succeed. Many try to express the faults in his view starting with his close companion Enkidu. “What man would willingly walk into this country and explore its depths? I tell you, weakness overpowers whoever goes near it” (The Epic of Gilgamesh 71). Fame over powers Gilgamesh’s train of thought, so as a result he goes into the cedar forest and kill the watchmen of these woods. His selfishness will lead to great tragedy in his life that is to come. But he cannot see that with every action...
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