Gifted Hands

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Parent-Teacher Conference Interview

What do you do to prepare for parent-teacher conferences? What has to be done ahead of time? “I make a folder for each child including all of the students classwork, homework, group activities, and test scores. I have to gather up all of the child's test scores, and school work from each child ahead of time. I also make sure my work space and class is very neatly cleaned and organized.” What format do you follow for your conferences (i.e. What do you do at the beginning, how do you make the parent feel comfortable, etc. ?). “The format I follow for my conferences is always welcoming the parents first, informing them about their child, and how they are performing academically, and physically. Then I simply just end the conference with asking the parents if they have any questions for me . I make the parents feel comfortable by being understanding, nice, inviting, and having refreshments there for them.” How long are the conferences? What are some things that you do with all of your conferences? “The conferences are usually half an hour to an hour long. It depends on the child, and if the parents has any extra questions for me. I always compliment the child and have something positive to say about their child” 4) What questions do you usually ask the parents?

“I usually ask do the parents have any questions for me, is there anything I can do to help your child succeed, how does your child do at home with homework, does your child read a lot at home, do you help your children with their homework, or sometimes if the student is acting out poorly, I ask how is everything going in their home environment. I ask these questions because I need to know how the student is doing outside of school, so I know the reasoning of their performance at school, good or bad. I want to be informed about the students lives, and I want to help the student achieve success.” 5)Do you have the students present during the...
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