Gifted Children

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Carol (2012) had developed a set of IQ range to identify the definition of gifted child. Below is ranged distributed by Carol in her article:

• Mildly Gifted -- 115 to 129

• Moderately Gifted -- 130 to 144

• Highly Gifted -- 145 to 159

• Exceptionally Gifted -- 160 to 179

• Profoundly Gifted -- 180

Source: Carol B. 2012. What is a Gifted Child?

In her explanation, a normal people IQ range are in between 85 and 115. Gifted child normally have exceptional talent in which they are having higher ability in certain skill compare to other normal grown children. For example, gifted child able to perform the highest grade of piano like those professional pianist even they never learn it before or just enter the first grade of the class.

There is always a question about gifted children are either born in nature or nurture. Brigtte (2009) stated that gifted child is 2% of the population of 25 million of Malaysia population. The significant of gifted children always spotted while they are in early childhood, about four or five years old, which is on their learning stage or start their schooling. They always give a symptom in non-academic area such as playing piano, drawing, good memory and etc.

Components of social relation always questionable about how it able to influence or produced potential gifted children. Some of the internal factors and external factors had been identified such as the internal factors included personal satisfaction and genuine interest (Laurie 2005); while external factors such as parental, peer relationship and school environment (Rimm 2012). Internal factors and external factors of social relation affect the potential of gifted children. For example, which factor would motivate the gifted children to learn? Would it self-interest or advises from family or peer influences? Following, which factors would bring negative or positive effect to the child?

Malaysia had develop a conservative center for gifted children called PERMATApintar programme in University Kebangsaan Malaysia, which is collaboration with the Centre for Talented Youths, Johns Hopkins University in United States to give them a holistic education to nurture their innate abilities and talents (Sharifah 2012). It is important to conserve the gifted children to provide them a suitable education centre with among the same type of children.

In our study, there are three major objectives. Objectives are determined by researchers based on the research question and problem:

1. To identify the external and internal factors of social relation affect the potential of gifted children

2. To examine the effect of external and internal factors of social relation on their potential.

3. To study the society perception on gifted children.


3.1 Introduction

Methodology is a process of gathering information, recording and analyzing of data of the research. Method is a tool to prove the statement by collecting data in conducting a research. Our survey methodology involves several techniques and samplings to reach the objective of our study. Research method involve our study involve collecting primary and secondary date through interview, literature finding and questionnaire distribution to examine the variable and prove the accuracy of the problem statement, furthering implement solution for the proven problem.

3.2 Research Philosophy

As the nature of this study is to examine the phenomenon of gifted children in their natural environment the philosophy of conducting this research would be interpretivism. By definition:

Interpretivism can be referred as the Social Constructionism in the field of management research. According to this philosophical approach research give importance to their beliefs and value to give adequate justification for a research problem (Easterby- Smith et al. 2006). With the...
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