Gift of the Nile

Topics: Nile, Ancient Egypt, Cairo Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: August 22, 2012
Gift of the Nile
Herodotus referred to Egypt as the “gift of the Nile” because without the Nile Egypt would not exist. The Nile is the most important physical feature in Egypt. It’s the longest river in the world and flows through the world’s largest desert. Without the Nile Egypt would not be able to exist because the area that Egypt is in it does not rain and there are no other rivers. Egypt only exists along the Nile and the rest is desert. The Nile is Egypt’s only source for water since it does not rain. So that is why life only exists along the Nile River and nowhere else in Egypt. The Nile provides water for crops, for them to drink, for the cattle and other animals to drink to live and helps to create grain. The Nile also provided fish for people to catch and eat for food as well as water for the crops to drink. Usually to most civilizations a flood would damage their crops and supplies but in Egypt the flooding of the Nile was a good thing. The floods occurred during spring rains south of Egypt. The water that poured over the rivers banks covered lands with rich black silt. Because of the black silt Egypt got the name “Black Land”. The floods provided a narrow band of fertile soil that stretched all along the Nile. The richest and most fertile soils were found in the Delta, or an area at the mouth of a river that is usually triangle shaped. The Nile Delta is one of the largest in the world. The Nile also helped to keep other civilizations from invading Egypt. Since most of Egypt was desert and was difficult to cross people wouldn’t invade through the deserts. The Nile was long and flowed through many cataracts, or rocky stretches marked by swift currents and rapids. With the dangerous currents and falls boats couldn’t sail through the Nile’s cataracts so people south of Egypt could not use the Nile to invade Egypt. The Nile also helped to bring farming Villages into Egypt but soon turned into Kingdoms. Lower Egypt used up most of the Nile Delta and...
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