Gift of Magi

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The Gift of The Magi and The Necklace writing assignment

5th period

In these stories, the relationship between the Young’s and the Loisel’s are very different. The treatment in the relationships are different, also how each other feels about one another. The wives values are also different and husbands also. Although they have many differences, the two stories are also alike in many ways. In Della and Jim’s relationship, each of them value each other the same. Both care for one another and gave up things they love to get one another a gift. Whereas, Madame Loisel and her husband do love each other, but her husband want’s to make her happy but she does not appreciate the things he does for her. All she cares about is feeling rich and does not care for simple things. The wives values differ in many ways also. Della appreciates her husband and will do anything for him. She does not care if she is rich or poor, as long as she has her husband she is happy. Madame Loisel on the other hand, does not care for anything else except being rich. She believes she should have married a rich man and is unhappy with her life. The husbands’ values are different, yet similar. They both love their wives dearly and try to make them happy. But Jim is not caring how much money he spends as much as Madame Loisels husband does. They also gave up something to give their wives a gift. They both care about their wives a lot.

Even though these stories have quite their differences, they also have their similarities. In both stories, the husbands give up something they need or want to make their wives happy. Also, both of the wives do love their husbands. In both stories, neither of the couples are rich.

Jim and Della’s relationship is very different to Madame Loisel’s and her husband. Their values are different, both the husbands and wives. Their relationship treatment is clearly very different, and also how one another feels about each other. But in the end, there are some...
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