Gift Giving in China

Topics: Giving, China, Han Chinese Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: December 10, 2010
Doing Business in China - Giving Gift Etiquette

Gift giving is a time-honored way of expressing gratitude or appreciation to others and gifts are important part of the Chinese culture. Gift giving is a time-honored way of expressing gratitude or appreciation to others. It is important to know gifts are important part of the Chinese culture. For example, the Chinese would much rather reciprocate a gift with another gift than to send a ‘thank you’ card. When visiting someone in China, especially if you are a guest in their house, it is imperative that you bring a gift (whatever the monetary value) to show respect to the host.If is appropriate to bring a gift, particularly something representative of your town or region, to a business meeting or social event. Gifts indicate that you are interested in building a relationship,Understanding gift giving and the etiquette surrounding it can help international business people cement better relationships with foreign colleagues, clients or customers. General guidelines about giving gifts in china,1-Lavish gift giving was an important part of Chinese culture in the past. Today, official policy in Chinese business culture forbids giving gifts; this gesture is considered bribery, an illegal act in this country. Consequently, your gift may be declined. In many organizations, however, attitudes surrounding gifts are beginning to relax. In any case, you will have to approach giving gifts with discretion, such as, If you wish to give a gift to an individual, you must do it privately, in the context of friendship, not business 2-The Chinese will decline a gift two or three times (sometimes even more) before accepting. so as not to appear greedy. .if you’re the giver, offer again until it is accepted after the third time. At the same time, especially in business, your gift may be absolutely refused, so you should be sensitive to genuine refusals. 3-Chinese are fond of items that are not accessible in China. For example, items...
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