Gift for Magi

Topics: Thought, Queen of Sheba, Psychology Pages: 1 (449 words) Published: April 15, 2012
There is more to a story than just literary elements. The meaning and feelings it leaves upon the reader as he or she sets an image in their mind. As the story is read, the feelings and morals that are portrayed behind the reasoning of the writer’s purpose. The theme explains what the story is about and the reasoning of why the story was written. (Clugston, R.W. Chapter 7) The literary elements help to tell the story that contributes to a reader’s mind of a portrayed theme. The story I chose has strong symbols and character that help to identify and relate to the theme.

In the story The Gift for Magi the portrayed theme revolves around a couple’s unconditional love for one another that resulted in unselfish acts of kindness just for the purpose to please one another. It was Christmas time, and Jim and Della had the same desires to make sure each other were happy on Christmas. They both decided to sell what was valuable to them to purchase one another something. In the story it told how Della sold her hair to purchase Jim a chain for his watch. And the writer had symbolized her hair as it was so gorgeous it would inspire the Queen of Sheba. The symbol that was noted with Jim’s watch was told as it would envy the King of Solomon. To us as readers, Della’s hair and Jim’s watch may have just been material items. But to them these items held value and memory that they cherished for as long as they remember. The symbols help the reader to develop a sense of feeling of the love that these two had for one another. A love so strong that they would sacrifice their most valued possessions and give them up for one another without even thinking twice. It forms a paradox in the reader’s mind that there is more to Christmas than just giving. It’s the thoughts and ideas behind the reasoning of why we as humans want to be so giving. It reminds the reader that the most valuable possessions in this world is what money cannot buy. It represents the theme of true love. The theme...
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