Gift and Presents

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Presents . Another word that synonym to it is gift . Have you ever gave a present to someone ? Have you ever received presents ? Well , you must be . Because a person that never gave or received presents , her life maybe is a dull one .

Let's talk about giving presents first . Why do you gave presents ? There must be a reason why you give a presents to somebody . I myself will not simply give a present to somebody for no reason . There are several reasons of giving presents . First , to celebrate an event or a special day of somebody or with somebody . A father or mother will give a presents on their child's birthday or vice versa . A husband will give a presents to his wife on their anniversary day . A boyfriend will give his girlfriend a present on Valentine's Day .

Second , to apologise . Ridiculous , isn't it ? To give present to someone for an apology . Well , that's what happened nowadays . Have you ever heard the phrase "One small gift can melt one's heart" ? The most important thing here is sincerity . If you want to apologise to somebody and is afraid to see her reaction upon seeing you , you should give her a present . Maybe it will soften her heart .

Now , let's talk about receiving presents . There are several reasons of receiving presents from someone . First , receiving presents on your birthday . Have you ever received presents on your birthday ? How many were they ? Ten ? Wow ! You must be loved by everybody . It's true . Receiving presents on your birthday means that you are loved . Even if it is just a small one. Well , don't look a gift horse in the mouth . The most important is , is the person sincere to give you that present or not ? Sincerity succeeds everything . A small gift given by a sincere person is more valuable than a big one given by a boastful person that simply give it for showing off .

Second reason is , to congratulate you . For example , if you pass your exam in a flying colour result , the school will...
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