Gideon's Trumpet Rection Paper

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  • Published : March 24, 2011
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Gideon’s Trumpet Reaction Paper
The majority of the time, evidence is the key to the case. It is rare to conclude what, why, and when something happened, without evidence. The beginning of the movie showed where the store had been broken into. Not too long after this, Gideon was tried and convicted of a crime that he had not committed. Like many other cases, there is a process of putting evidence and or he say she say testimonies together, to solve a case. In Gideon’s case it was more of an accusation that led to him being convicted. It was also a coincidence that Gideon was picked up from in front of the store by the taxi driver and/or, he had pockets full of change when he was confronted by the officer the next morning. The coincidence of Gideon having the coins, and being picked up near the store led to the assumption that he had committed the crime. If the criminal justice system was set up to accuse the first individual suspected, then there would be more prisoners in the prisons than there would be average citizens. It was wrong decades ago and it is wrong now. Individuals have the rights given to them by the constitution to prove their innocence with fairness on their side. I think it was very interesting how Gideon remained poised about the entire situation. He knew that he was innocent, and he also knew that he was not being treated fairly, but throughout it all he remained under the necessary control, to keep himself out of any unnecessary troubles (referring to doing something that would only make matters worse). During the first trial, Gideon’s response to being accused of the crime seemed a bit awkward. Reason being, he just presented himself as being innocent but in an unexpected manner. I had questioned myself whether or not he had committed the crime all because of the way he acted, but I still could not conclude that he was guilty. Many times individuals can perceive being calm as a sign of guilt. It was clear that Gideon was...
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