Topics: Trigraph, Coca-Cola, Gh Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: April 21, 2011
i dont really have nothing to write but yeah oh well i dont know i like to eat pizza, i like to drink coca cola and sprite, and yeah i really just need an essay for something ya know its for an english project and i need to find an essay on a topic, and using that essay i have to write another essay comparing it to a book isnt that stupid? and now im looking all over for the internet for a freakin essay welp hopefully this is 250 words lets see yayaya oh well its not so i guesss ill just write more about myself i wish i had a pet but my parents never let me i dont know why i wish they did maybe when im older i will. im always online i need to go outside more. its not like im fat though i exercise but ya know. if this isnt 250 words im going to shoot myself well not really but lets see welp no its not! i realy dont know how many words 250 words is. this is so annoying i want to go to bed baeefaiew f;akjsd;klfja dfa;oifj pqewigfhpqwefh padhifapoi fhpas;dkvha;sdfklj as;dlfjkasdfklja;ldskfj;alsdkj fasd vbghpqiwdhfv[ qaoidhv paoishdv ;aklshdfc;lasjdffasdfasdfawesdfasdf hey hey hey hey omg omg omg omg omg omg wow ow ow wo jkd a;a ebebn ene id ;a en cie fke a fa; e c e ea d caec ef ea eca ef fae fae f aef ac e afe def a;sdeivj ;v j; ij ;ij ;oi hs;hbpuih uig oyu giyu gbjboy ug ouigo uihg oiug oig bljk oui gho uiho uih oih oji nl j uyf 8rdf guhj hyc e
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