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Giardiasis Intestinalis
Giardiasis intestinal (also known as G. labia and G. duodenal) is traveler’s diarrhea or beaver fever. It is a flagellated protozoan and comes from a parasite that causes an infection in the intestines. This disease is one of the most common causes of waterborne, parasitic illnesses in the U.S. Giardiasis consist of small cysts that contaminate people through direct water, person-to-person contact, or by feces. Domestic animals can carry this disease but (who? Doctors?) are still not sure how they transport it to humans. Giardiasis can also be found at recreational water sources. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and water parks are some examples of where you may find this disease. If you use the same facilities as someone infected, your chances of catching giardiasis is high. Anyone is at risk for Giardiasis. Person to person is usually the most common way to spread it. Children pass it by putting their hands in their mouth or fecal/oral transmission. Infection is usually higher in places with (?) poor sanitation or places like child care facilities. Campers and hikers would be exposed to it also. The signs and symptoms of Giardiasis are diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, nausea, fatigue, and fever. These symptoms can be very light or very severe. The stools can be foul smelling and loose and can lead to anorexia why?. Symptoms may last up to several weeks. People will never know they are coming in contact with the parasite. › Microscopic parasites can spread easily. Mechanisms that contribute to the disease are simple things like washing our hands frequently before meals and after you use the restroom. Giardiasis can be treated by prescription antibiotics and usually takes 5-7 days to treat. If the medicine is taken on schedule then the parasite should die. Just be aware that if not taken on time the parasite can still be passed to another host. Make...
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