Ghosts Speech

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  • Published : September 15, 2012
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Ghosts; what are they? Should we believe in them? These are just two of the questions people have for this strange phenomenon. Many theories have been raised about the exact form, one of the answers is that they are the spirit of a person or animal who has passed away. People claimed to have seen them in their everyday lives, but what they look like is still a mystery, as each person sees them in different forms. The description varies widely, from an invisible presence, to translucent or hazy shapes; or even realistic, life-like visions. One of these visions that you have probably heard of is the Michael Jackson ghost, in which someone filmed wispy image floating across his house. A few people have deliberately tried to contact ‘ghosts’ and this is known as necromancy. They would, quite a time ago, carry out certain religious practices, specially designed to appease the spirits of the dead. Another belief concerning ghosts is that they are composed of a misty, airy, or subtle material. Anthropologists who study humanity have linked this idea to early beliefs that ghosts were the ‘person within the person’, most noticeable in ancient cultures as a person’s breath, which upon exhaling in colder climates, appears visibly as a white mist. White Ladies are exactly that they sound like; ghost ladies. They were reported to have appeared in many rural areas, and had supposedly died tragically or suffered trauma in life. Legends of White Ladies are found all around the world, usually with the theme of being betrayed. Another legend is that of ghost ships. Yes, that’s right. I did say ghosts come in many different forms! Legends of these ghost ships have existed since the 18th century; most famous of these is the Flying Dutchman. Moving on, ghosts are more commonly associated to Halloween because they fit into the ‘scary’ category. And Halloween consists of things like haunted houses. A place where ghosts are reported is described as haunted, and often seen as being...
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