Ghost Story

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Ghosts Of Children?
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I would like to share my experience and get your opinions if possible! Basically I used to live in Kosi kalan on an old house and when I was about 13 I started to wake in the middle of the night, always in the early hours (from what I remember it was always between 1am and 3am). This only happened about once a month, maybe less. But what woke me up was the sound of bikes outside my window on the street. I would hear the whoosh of the wheels as they turned and the bells going. I also heard laughter, like that of very young children. Considering the time it was I was always a bit surprised and confused that there were kids playing outside! In the beginning I would just drift off back to sleep but when it started happening more often I would get up to look out the window and just as I was about to look around the curtain I would hear a young boy's voice say "we have to go now" and sure enough when I looked out, literally a second after hearing this, there was nothing there. Strangely enough I was never scared while this was going on, just confused. I never told anyone as I just put it down to vivid dreams. That is until I overheard my mum telling her friend the exact same thing one day. She was sat in our kitchen with her friend and I walked past while she was telling her. I burst in and said I was hearing the exact same thing. However she admitted she never heard anyone speak but said she never looked out the window either and I only ever heard the young boy speak when I went to look outside. Basically we both thought it was really strange but that was the end of it. To this day (and this was over 15 years ago) I still think of it and just lately I wanted to see if anyone else had ever experienced anything like this? Like I said this was an old house in Kosi kalan and the voices were English so my mum doesn't think it could be the ghosts of German children from...
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