Ghost of Fossil Glen

Pages: 1 (472 words) Published: March 1, 2011
The book The Ghost of Fossil Glen by: Cynthia C. Defelice is about a young girl named Allie Nichols who is being hunted at first but then assisted by a ghost. Her friend Karen calls Allie a liar and doesn't want to hear "stuff like that." But her old friend, Dub, listens eagerly and knows all about it as Allie tells him about the voice that guides her down a steep cliff side, and the girl she imagines who begs, "Help me," and a terrible nightmare in which the girl falls to her death. But then learn the ghost only wants to help her so her murdered is brought to justices. And along the ways the ghost leaves clue to help Allie find out who the ghost really is. But at time are really tricky because the clues are sometime in riddle or what we would call figurative language. I think this author really like to use figurative language but if you’re not actually looking for them, they are a bit hard to find. But here are three I did manage to: 1) “In shower of dirt and shale.” I think is a metaphor because it is comparing two unlike things without using the like or as. And the words that make you think it’s a metaphor is “shower of dirt and shale”. 2) “She stood behind the lunch counter, mouth clamped like an angry snapping turtle, as the children crept fearfully past.” I think this one is a simile because it’s comparing to unlike thing using the words like or as. So I knew it was a simile because it uses the words “, mouth clamped like an angry snapping turtle” 3) “ The woods seemed to glow in the warm afternoon light that streamed through the window” I also think this is a simile because it’s using the words “ The woods seemed to glow”. Its saying the woods are glowing so I think it’s a simile. For this passage I have chosen where Ali finds Lucy’s diary and Ali reads Lucy’s description of Raymond Gagney. The picture I have in my mind of this man is tall, but not real tall, about the height of Miss Smith. I also picture him as plump, kind of the shape of a plumb....
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