Ghost Hunting

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Beddau Paranormal Investigators

The most important thing to remember during your investigation is to conduct your investigation in a professional manner and to be respectful. Your reputation as an investigator and as an investigative team depends on how you conduct yourself and your investigation. Respect the dead, your fellow team members and the location. Do not remove items from the location. Do not take something from the site as a souvenir. Respect your team members and treat them with the kindness and patience that you would expect. Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And everyone will not always agree. Every team member may not agree with your opinion, but that does not mean you should disrespect them. Do not litter. Leave the investigation site just as you found it. Remove all trash that you have discarded during your investigation. The first thing that you need to do after deciding on a location is to get permission to conduct an investigation of the area. Check area for No Trespassing signs. If these signs are posted, DO NOT try to conduct an investigation at that site. Do not conduct an investigation until permission is granted for your team to investigate. Make sure to check out the location during daytime hours to familiarize yourself and your team members with the area since it will be dark during your investigation. Never go to an unsafe location. Safety should be your main concern. The risks of investigating a condemned building are not worth it. Do your homework. Learn as much as you can about the area and the history of the investigation site. Newspapers, town historians, residents of the town, the internet, owners and/or previous owners/tenants and books can be helpful in finding information about the location. Never go alone. Always have a team with you during an investigation. Not only does it help to have witnesses to verify any activity that may occur, it helps ensure safety...
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