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1. G-20 of new beginning
The world is divided into different groups, asked developed and developing economics. G-8 is a group of eight countries which are economically most Edwards countries of the World. On the other hand, G-5 is a group of five countries which are the developing economics of the world. Every year, the heads of the eight states meet informally in bun of the eight countries discussed the one issues. Since last five years, whenever this group meet, they invite G-5 also. The aim being exchanged ideas between their loved and loving nations to stop this yet to, the meeting of G-8 boss had in Italy the head of G-5 but also invited.  G-8 Countries

 There are USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada.  G-5 Countries
 These are India, China, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico.
 G-20 Countries
 It is now recognized as the main bottom to discuss key economic problems raised in the Ward. In addition to G-8 and G-5 countries, the other economic included in the group of Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Australia, Argentina and European Union. Few years back the meeting was headed at Pittsburgh, USA on 24 September 2009. It was being debated by the West and ugly at that no solution can be found to the recession and other is of the economic rebound the participation of the developing comics. The important the condition at the meet. Stimulus package to continue as the economic showing signs of recovery. Developing board succeeded in getting a higher order by 5% at the IMF. Foreign investment will be speed-ed up forbidding infrastructure as to what countries. The economic short discredit protectionism.  The meeting was a great success. This had lifted in signs, showing recovery in the economic of world. The outcome of the summit is very encouraging to India and developing world. It is a good beginning that court late to major gains of the world community.  

2. Generation gap
 Every old man complaints of the growing depravity of the world, of the indifference and impatience of the rising generation. There has always been conflict within board and the young. The order people having seen more years, write themselves on their system and the expedience and consider it their right to dictate to the Young. They forget that the world is a whole generation order and wiser than men the father was of his some stage.  If this conflict has existed in the past, it is more announced and more acute today. Beyond living in times of speed. Changes are taking place at this base. The car model of 2000 is outmoded in 2003. They should be equally at the keyboard to our ideas and notions. The ornament failing to adjust himself to the rapidly changing environment rate on the new generation. As the amount the aging man of limited and get sensitive lives, not in the public world of atomic physics, and conflicting allergies, of welfare states and supersonic speed but it in his sticky private universe of physical weakness and mentally decay.  Different generations

 Every age and condition must be as free to act for itself in all cases as the Aegis and generations, which preceded it. The vanity and resumption of learning be in the grave is the most ridiculous and innocent for all data needs. In our country, the pasta was over the young heads and their reward. Our social customs are moth-eaten and was be discarded like a thing of twice. After centuries of tiny, which we have unpredicted on the agent within, we have failed to relent to stop cost but it is his God in our social behavior and the ordinance in question moves along the world but, the youth of today wish to have a clean break that is behavior. They will organize himself to so the man, educate them make their own East Ina and more hygienic, dying at them, that many them and give them feeding tube complete utility and connectivity. If the Ordovician gets scandalized, afford is their own. The young men are only cleaning a stables. Then...
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