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By | October 2012
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Cassandra Flores
English 3-AP
September 26, 2012
Community Service
In Kingsville students were required to go on a community service trip and from that experience, the students felt pressured into doing work. After coming to Odem High School, students were able to volunteer. Having that choice made it feel less like a job and more of an opportunity to help. Being able to volunteer for community service can be enjoyable and will give others the satisfaction of benefitting the community.

In some cases, students might not be able to work well when they are being forced, causing them to have a negative attitude towards helping others. That negative attitude can spread to others and will not be joyful for anyone. This is a good reason why community service should have the choice of volunteering. Students will not get that negativity if they aren’t being forced, therefore they will realize how enjoyable community service can be. Arthur Stukas, Mark Snyder, and E. Gil Clary stated, "Researchers found that students who initially did not want to volunteer found that they actually enjoyed helping others.

With encouragemnt student still might not show up. Thats why the community service workers need to give rewards or snacks to encourage the students to volunteer. According to The Center For Information and Research, "66% of 15-17 year olds didn't like the idea of requiring community service for a high school diploma." So maybe thats why students in high school should get encouragement, rewards such as ice cream after the hard work the students did, may help out a lot with getting students to come. And with more encouragement the more people will participate.

So in conclusion, with a positive attitude and some encouragement, community service will help a feel like they have done something good in the community. To end with a good a note, The Dalton School states; "Doing community service is empowering…that individuals makes a contribution and will...

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