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  • Published: August 14, 2013
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1.1 Introduction
I. Title
II. Background
Studying has always been the problem of the students nowadays. Some goes home with their minds full of new learning, but most of them go home with such stress they got because they had a very hard time understanding and learning their lessons. Students are being distracted by the gadgets that surround them during the process of learning. So in this generation, techies are now being used in help of the more accessible and understandable way to learn and we all know that education has never been easier since then. Many gadgets and technologies are used to make education more understandable and more interesting for the students, like using projectors and other stuffs. In this generation, we have come up to a more generated way of teaching students their lessons and making lessons much simpler and easier, as well as to catch their attentions and to make their addictions a fun way to learn. Since the youth nowadays is into technologies, we could use the technologies to make the process of learning easier. We are going to use computers to teach and educate the learners, lessons that contain graphics, texts, sounds and videos. We are going to make the computer a tool to see how far the students have learned and how are they performing during the run.

III. Statement of the Problem
Artificial Instinct is one of those subjects that are seldom taken by the students because not all of the universities are offering this subject, which then, caused us to come up with the thought of making a program that focuses on the said subject. There are positive and negative effects on the students taking the subject. The students taking up the subject will have a huge advantage on the ones who are not taking it. But on the other hand, they will also have a hard time asking for help in times the lessons complicate them. Students nowadays are also being so distracted by the technologies that surround them, and one of the major gadgets that do, is the computer. Students won’t spend much time reading their books that will only confuse and complicate their lives, so, for the students taking up Artificial Instinct, we have made learning easier by using different strategies to make studying more fun and interesting.

IV. Research Objectives
The general goal of this program is to be able to come up to a very effective strategy to teach and let students learn their lessons specifically about Artificial Intelligence. This CAI program will provide students taking up Artificial Intelligence very useful and applicable lessons and exercises that they can easily use and understand. On the other hand, we have also come up with the specific objectives this program is supposed to accomplish. * Students taking up Artificial Intelligence that will be able to understand their lessons faster using this CAI program. * Exercises and lessons that will be given in this program will be used as the student’s guide in order to understand the problems that they will be facing in their future subjects. * Studying about the particular subject will be more interesting and less boring through the graphics, activities and lessons together with the sounds and videos included along the process of learning. * Through this program, learning will be very fun and easy. Students can now go home with their minds full of new information they gathered in school. * Make studying “less boring” and to lessen the stress of the students as well as the educators.

V. Significance/Justification
The purpose of the program is to make education more appealing to students, particularly to the ones taking up Artificial Intelligence. To make education “less boring” to students and to educate them by using the things that distract them during the process of learning, like using computers. Computer Aided Instruction has made a huge change in this generation’s education. It helps and assists the educator in the whole...
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