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Should cell phones be allowed in school?

I. Introduction
A. Attention-Getting Story
Generally, cell phones are frowned upon at school for certain reasons. They can sometimes cause distractions, which lead to lower grades, and can result in change in behaviors and attitude. Even though cell phones can cause a lot of distractions at school they can be very important. B. Thesis

So why should cell phones be allowed in school? Not only are cell phones an important tool in keeping kids safe, they are also being used in education in helpful, interactive ways. Though it may seem the opposite of what we are led to believe, cell phones actually are helping students be better prepared, and not just in times of danger. There are studies being done that show cell phones being used in ways that are helpful towards learning. C. Preview Statement

Teachers could use cell phones in a variety of ways. They can use it as a stopwatch, photographing experiments done in a lab, synchronizing calendars and timetables, and transferring information between school and home. Phones have many positive side effects on the kids. Kids are more motivated to do their school work, and cell phones can replace other devices, such as calculators, dictionaries, and even textbooks. II. First Important Fact

A. Signpost
There are many good ways in which a student can use a cell phone for educational use. B. Explanation
One good reason about a student having a phone at school is that you can access school material at school, like for example a textbook. Instead of having a class set of a textbook, students can access it on their phones. Schools can save money and purchase less textbooks or any paper copy book. 1. Interesting Detail 1

Students can also do school work on their phones instead of having teachers print out hundreds of copies of an assignment. 2. Interesting Detail 2
Cell phones can also be used as a replacement for calculators and dictionaries.

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