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  • Published: January 8, 2013
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Theme 1

Student A

Part I: Interview with teacher.

When meeting someone for the first time,
1. What should you avoid doing to make a good impression? 2. What questions are inappropriate to ask someone? Why?

Part II: Role play this situation.

You are the Marketing Director of a sunglasses manufacturer. Role play a telephone call to talk about a focus group for the company’s new range of sunglasses.

You want to do the following during the phone call
1. Note down when and where the focus group meeting will take place. 2. Suggest that these people attend the meeting:
• Irina Pavlovskaya
Tel no (812) 275 6381
She is a Marketing Consultant based in Moscow, Russia. • Bozenna Lenat
Tel no (361) 339 4032
She is Head Buyer for a department store in Budapest, Hungary. 3. Ask the European Sales Manager about last month’s sales results in France. Did they increase or decrease?

Part III: Your studies and study habits.

1. What do you like most about your studies?
2. What is your major?
3. Which is the best university in your country?
4. Describe your study habits in about 3-5 minutes

Oral Translation

1. GL, mét trong nh÷ng tæ chøc chuyªn kinh doanh kh¸ch s¹n du lÞch lín t¹i VN, cã trô së chÝnh ®Æt t¹i Hµ néi, b¾t ®Çu ®i vµo ho¹t ®éng tõ n¨m 1990. Cho ®Õn nay c«ng ty ®· x©y dùng ®­îc mét th­¬ng hiÖu m¹nh vµ cã uy tÝn trªn thÞ tr­êng khu vùc ch©u Á, thu hót sù chó ý cña nhiÒu nhµ ®Çu t­ trong vµ ngoµi n­íc. HiÖn nay c«ng ty ®· më réng kinh doanh víi nhiÒu h×nh thøc kh¸c nhau ®Ó ®¸p øng nhu cÇu kh¸ch hµng nh­: C¸c khu vùc vui ch¬i gi¶i trÝ cho trÎ em ®­îc x©y dung vµ cã nhiÒu ho¹t ®éng vui ch¬i, gi¶i trÝ ®­îc tæ chøc thu hót nhiÒu l­ît kh¸ch ®i cïng gia ®×nh hä. Chóng t«i cã khu nhµ hµng phôc vô quý kh¸ch tËn t×nh chu ®¸o víi nhiÒu mãn ¨n ngon tõ kh¾p n¬i trªn thÕ giíi vµ nh÷ng mãn ¨n ®Æc s¶n tõ nhiÒu ®Þa ph­¬ng kh¸c nhau....
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