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Topics: Dan Dare, Frank Hampson, Southport Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Eagle was a seminal British children's comic, first published in April 1950. It was founded by Marcus Morris, an Anglican vicar, who felt that the church was not communicating its message effectively. Simultaneously disillusioned with contemporary children's literature, he and artist Frank Hampson created a dummy comic based on Christian values. Morris hawked the idea to several publishers, with little success, until Hulton Press decided to take it on. Following a huge publicity campaign, the first issue sold about 900,000 copies. Featured in colour on the front cover was the comic's most recognisable story, Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future (pictured). Other popular stories included Riders of the Range and P.C. 49. Eagle also contained news and sport sections, and educational cutaway diagrams of sophisticated machinery. Amidst a takeover of the comic's publisher and a series of acrimonious disputes, Morris left in 1959; Hampson followed shortly thereafter. Although Eagle continued in various forms, a perceived lowering of editorial standards preceded plummeting sales, and it was eventually subsumed by its rival, Lion, in 1969. A relaunched Eagle ran for over 500 issues between 1982 and 1994 .. that each of the five heroines (pictured) from Hindu epics, venerated as exemplary chaste women, is recorded to have "known" at least one man other than her husband? ... that the Distinguished Warfare Medal is the first American combat-related award to be created since the Bronze Star Medal in 1944? ... that the new far right party the British Democratic Party was established by current Member of the European Parliament Andrew Brons? ... that Kenneth Feder's teenage interest in the paranormal led to a career in archaeology studying it? ... that Anakalang is a society and a megalithic site in Sumba, Indonesia noted for its quadrangular adzes and numerous megalithic tombs? ... that until it was destroyed by fire in January 2013, Grimes Mill was the only roller mill museum in...
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