Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Jews Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: April 9, 2013
There are many words that we tend to use today that does not have the original meanings as they did years ago. If we trace the word back to the original definitions, the meanings that we use today are totally wrong. Our generation seems to use a lot of slang without regards to the origin of the word. Ghetto happens to be one of the words we use out of context. The word ghetto has always described the impoverish part of the city. The word actually originated from the Jews. According to the Teacher’s guide of the Holocaust, the Jewish people that stayed in the ghettos had faced prosecution and were forced to live there. When the Holocaust occurred, Adolf Hitler used the ghettos for concentration camps. The Nazi’s ran the concentration camps, where they forced Jewish to work in poor living conditions. When the word ghetto came to United Stated of American in the 1950’s the word was still used to describe the part to the city that was occupied by the minority groups. The ghetto is where there is low income housing and drugs are usually sold. The ghetto is where people who usually can’t afford to go to college stay, so they have low income. It is the part of the city that most people middle and upper class people look down at because it is where the impoverish people stay there. Unfortunately the impoverish people happens to be African-Americans or Hispanics. That means the word ghetto still had the same meaning because the Jews used the word as the slums of the city as they did in the United States. Now today the word ghetto has a totally different meaning. Most often the word is use to describe a person. If someone sees a loud ignorant person the call that person ghetto, I am going to take a guess and say they call them that because they are assuming they stay in the ghetto or is from the ghetto. Most boys think it is cool to be ghetto because they are considered gangsters or they are associated with drugs. I have also heard someone use ghetto describe other...
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