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  • Published: February 15, 2012
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Demonstrative Outline by Daphne Lufkin
How To Start Palm Readings

Topic: How to read palmsGeneral Purpose: To inform and demonstrate Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how the palm reading started palm and to demonstrate how you can predict someone future by following the steps of palm reading.

A. Attention-getter:
Do we hold the secrets of our past, present, and future in the palms of our hands? Are those mysterious lines traced on our hands the blueprint of our character, our fortune, and our destiny? Just like the fortune tellers here's how to gain insight just by holding someone's hand.

B. Thesis Statement:
The lines on your palm speak a language that spins the story of the past and the future; almost like a map saying where you've been and which way you're headed. Believe it or not, palm readers analyze your palm so they can inform you about your life, the past, present and future.

C. Preview of Main Points:
The art of palm reading has a history that can go far back as the greek world. It is practiced all over the world and the examined in varies different ways in order to predict the future of an individual. Fortunetellers, or palm readers, believe that the lines and patterns in an individual's hand, if read properly, can reveal events of the person. Apart from the lines, there are various other factors taken into consideration in palm reading, such as the hand's shape, the shape and length of the fingers, how flexible the fingers and hands are, the thumb's position, the mounts, which are interpreted by their relative sizes and the intersections on them, and other qualities. Transition:

IIBody I:
A.Main Point 1 The ancient art of palm reading, also called palmistry or chiromancy, dates back thousands of years. Prehistoric caves in Spain and France have hands drawn on their walls with all the major lines shown in amazing detail. Cultures around the world have been turning to the fine art of...
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