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Topics: Friday the 13th, Walking, 13 Pages: 3 (529 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Hoppy: Josh
Lilly: Cameron

Ethan: W Josh
Lilly: Cameron

Friday the 13th parody and

[Group of teens in background, Jason stops in the forest and look on his phone, Friday 12th it reads] Jason: Ughhh [he groans and walks away]
[4 years later, he does the same and it reads Friday the 13th] Jason: HeHeHe [Jason dances awkwardly and walks off]

Scene 1: The arrival
[Ethan, Jules, Hoppy and Lilly are walking to the forest]
Ethan: So Jules, you, me together on this vacation!
Jules: It’s gonna be g…[gets interrupted]
Hoppy: And meee![he says weirdly]
Jules: Ohh nooo![said saddened]
Lilly: And m..[interrupted]
Ethan: Shut up Lilly no one cares![They approach their destination] here we are! Jules: Let’s hope this whole thing wasn’t a waste of time. [They turn left and then Jason is in sight]

Scene 2: Jason Attacks

Ethan: Hoppy and Lilly please stay here a moment, me and my babe will ask the locals where our cabin is, okay? Lilly: yasss!
Ethan: I swear to god I will kill her one day to stop her annoyance. Jules: Okay hun hun. [they leave]
Lilly: So hoppy?
Hoppy: Hell no, go away. [he runs away to explore]
Lilly: I guess I’m all alone.
Jason: Then guess once more. [he says with a raspy voice]
[he grabs her and throws her to the ground]
Lilly: {screams}
Jason: Be quite little girl! [he takes out his hockey bat out and starts to hit her repeatedly while ketchup is being spurted out, then he drops the bat and a close up to the face he then squeezes her eyes to a pulp and exits]

Scene 3: WTF

[Ethan goes back to the rendezvous]
Ethan: Oh god what happened here! She might be on her period, that would explain why her body is not here. Hmmm. Jules:[comes back] Sorry I took so long in the bathroom there I had to…. Ethan: ok, ok please TMI.

Jules: sorry, where’s Lilly and Hoppy?
Ethan: Don’t know; let’s have a walk.
[They walk off]

Scene 4: Hoppy’s Death

[Hoppy is walking innocently in the forest]
Jason: Hi...
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