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Gender: There is a theory which supported by data from The Law Student Cohort, (Shiner and Newburn, 1995), which indicates that law students‟ social origins vary significantly according to their sex and ethnicity. Women were more likely than men to come from families where neither parent had a degree or a professional qualification; directly point out why nowadays why the senior rank will be dominated. Education: Without attending a top university and having had work experience at a law firm an individual will struggle to get a training contract at a top law firm and be more likely to have to fund the Legal Practice Course themselves. Be harder to survive in the legal field of today. Social background is significantly related to the success of gaining work experience with those from privileged backgrounds more likely to achieve this .Those from a background in which internships are commonplace are more likely to know of their existence and have the social networks to know the qualities that the firms are looking for (the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions, 2009) Solution:

the Reach for Excellence (RfE) Programme at the University of Leeds (the Sutton Trust, 2010). The RfE programme is a university outreach scheme that provides support for local able 16 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the objective to raise their chances of enrolling at old universities. The duration of the programme is two years, where students are provided individual mentoring, advice sessions, a summer school and university visits. Such guidance and support can help young people from disadvantaged communities overcome the „cultural obstacles‟, considered to be the “psychological leap” for young people with no graduate peers imagining becoming a lawyer (the Sutton Trust, 2009; 11). The Bar, along with the Citizenship Foundation, reach out to state school children through the Bar National Mock Trial Competition, where state school children take on the roles of...
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