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  • Published: October 8, 2012
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Water Conservation Methods / Conserving is No Longer an Option

Water conservation should not be considered an option any longer. Current circumstances require our full attention if we hope to thrive as a civilization. If these statements sound dramatic, it is because much of the world is currently suffering due to a lack of clean water. 

Statistics around the reveal that our fresh water supply is practically nonexistent. That is why it is so important to seek out, find and start using all the innovative water conservation solutions andmethods that are available today.

Whether you live in Australia or China or the US, it is time to wake up and take responsiblity. It is easy to practice water conservation in the home, but there is more to be done. Our world needs help on a commercial level as well so that our waste can be controlled in such areas as agriculture and irrigation.

Water Conservation ideas are cropping up in exciting legislation. That's why our participation in the voting process is so important. Let's act now, so our kids will have a brighter, greener future.

Water Conservation Methods / For the Household 

Huge amounts of water are lost every year due to unattended faucet leaks, using outdated appliances, excessive clothes washing, showering, washing cars, gardening, and other everyday household activities.

Water Conservation Methods / What You Can Do 

• Turn off water while you are brushing your teeth and open it when you need to rinse your mouth.

• Take shallow baths and plug the drain before you run water. Keep showers short with pressure at low force. Re-use bath water to water your lawn or shrubs or for heavy cleaning jobs like floors or cars.

• Install Dual Flush toilets in the home... more on this below.

• Buy the washing machines or dishwashers that have AAA ratings and that are ranked as energy efficient.

• Get rain tanks and collect the rainwater in them. That water can be used for gardening and washing...
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