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The day I started to cut hair was the day when I found a new hobby, wich was cutting hair. I first started in the 7th Grade in Lakeland Fl. Every morning before school I would have about 3 of the kids from my school come over to my house to get an edge up. I did not have any clippers or anything. I used a razor from Wal-Mart. Now I am 18 yrs. Old and have my own clippers with All of the guards and everything that you need to cut hair with. When being a cosmetologist there are certain requirements and things that you have to do. Hair styles change from season to season. As a cosmetologist, you will need to keep up with current fashion trends and often be learning new producers to create new books. As for high school students their requirements are a little different. High schools students interested in the cosmetology field can help build a good foundation for postsecondary training by taking subjects in the area of art, science, business, and communication arts. Psychology and speech courses are also helpful.

(Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Fifteenth Edition Copyright 2011 by InfoBase Publishing Volume 1:159).
The work environment can be dangerous at times. Those employed in the cosmetology industry usually work a five or six day week, which averages approximately 40-50 hours. Weekend and days preceding holidays may be especially busy. Cosmetologists are on their feet a lot and are usually working in a small space. Hazards of the trade includes nicks and cuts from scissors and razors, minor burns when care is not used in handling hot towels or instruments, and occasional skin irritations arising from constant use of grooming aids that contain chemicals. Conditions vary depending on what environment the stylist is working in. Some may find it difficult to work constantly in such close, personal contact with the public at large, especially when they strive to satisfy customers who are...
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