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Narrabundah Community Garden
Narrabundah Community Garden is a garden owned by the Old Narrabundah Community Council. The Council maintains and improves the Narrabundah tennis courts and gardens. The Council also organizes various events and parties, such as the Narrabundah Community Festival. They also represent the community on planning issues that impact Narrabundah in numerous ways. The garden is connected to a Community tennis court, were small games are held. Many events are held around Narrabundah, including baseball games, music festivals and more specific events such as the Truffle Festival, the Region Heritage Festival and the Enlighten Festival. The Community Garden is rumored to be torn down to make way for apartment blocks or other housing projects.

Assignment 2
Year 9 Level 1 & 2 English
Name: Jesse Nye Date: 23.11.12
Due: Friday, 21 September 2012 (End of week 9)
Weight: 15%
Photograph: In coloured/ black and white print in A4 size paper. Length: 350 words
Format: In typed (12 font, 1.5 space) appropriate essay form.

In addition to being a type of creative arts, photography can also record special moments and people’s struggle in life which is known as photojournalism. It is usually used in journals as you can guess from the name, and also in magazines and documentary materials. This form of photography uses the talent of the photographer and the digital camera equipment to take shots of people’s activities, such as sports, political protests, special events and more.

You need to report an event either at school or in your neighborhood with an appropriate photo and article. You may choose a simple day to day activity or a special event. Describe the event in 350 words using appropriate grammar, language and punctuation.

Skill| Comment| Grade|
Photograph shows: * An event held at school or neighborhood * Clear picture of what is...
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