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Technical – extracted cue – adaptive challenge
The second part of the movie ( the second case) is an adaptive challenge because Kathryn had to adjust her governing values, show extreme amounts of courage and invent new strategies of dealing with the situation. Kathryn challenging her previous assumptions thus lead her to the unprecedented criminal solicitation charge. As mentioned earlier, we argue that Kathryn changed her leadership style to being a courageous moral leader. An example of this will be shown through the filmclip that illustrates a conversation she has with her boss. Show film clip!

As u can see, that was a pretty intense meeting, however, it illustrates the Identity change Kathryn has made. Here, Kathryn shows great amount of courage, rather than merely going with the flow, she steps up for what she believes in and voices her opinion to her boss. Although Kathryn knew that she was facing the risk of losing her job and ruining her career, she still recognized the responsibility as hers and that if justice was to be served, she was the one who would have to make it happen. Kathryn thus did not blame anyone else, she did not try to shift the blame, she went against company norms and stepped out of her comfort zone. All of which indicates that Kathryn showed large amounts of courage. We therefore argue that Kathryn has transformed into a courageous moral leader, looking after the cause and her follower rather than her self-interests.

Relating & Vision
Improved as governing values changed. Kathryn increased her inquiry to Sarah and therefore gained a better perspective of the situation. It is through her increase in relating skills that she was now able to perform correct sense making of what the situation was truly like. Blouses and powersuits. Through Kathryn’s now successful relating and sense making, she was able to vision a future that was in line with what Sarah wanted. Although the rapist had already been prosecuted and...

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