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James Keener Jr.
Block 1

I feel that community service is an important part of growing as a person. Community service helps you gain an understanding of other things and people. Community service also helps open your mind to new ideas. For me, community service boosted my pride in myself and taught me things about myself that I would have never known. I completed my community service in the James Ford Rhodes High School Library, and was told by Mrs. Stone that I was the best help she ever had.

I did all of my community service at the James Ford Rhodes Library. I had many jobs to do while doing my hours. One job was to move everything and vacuum the whole library. That was really the only physical job I had to do. Another job I did was organize sections of books. While doing this, I learned that I work a lot harder when someone is doing me a favor. Towards the end of my 40 hours, I took on a project. The projects was to convert old VHS tapes to DVD. This is a long job and I promised Mrs. Stone that I would come back and finish it. Even if Mrs. Stone wasn't serious about me being the best help she had ever had, it still game me more confidence in myself. Also, reorganizing the book gave me organizational skills.

I have Gained a lot of skills from my community service. Reorganizing the sections of books helped me build my organizational skills. Working on my project helped me gain planning skills. This is because I had to plan which movies to convert, and what order we would convert them in. Some other benefits I earned were a boost in self confidence and a boost in self awareness.

My community service has helped me a lot. At first, I saw it as pointless and as a waste of time. Now that I have completed it I understand that it is a necessary part of growing as a person. I have gained valuable skills and benefits from it. Also, the experiences have created memories that will last forever.
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