Gettysburg Movie Review

Topics: Confederate States of America, Battle of Gettysburg, Confederate States Army Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: October 19, 2010

Summary Of the Movie
Gettysburg was made in 1993 based on an award winning novel “ The Killer angels” by Micheal Shaara. It is one of the longest films in Hollywood and is based on an actual 3 days battle between the Confedrate Army (Southern states) and the Union Army (Northern states) at Gettysburg. This was the turning point in the US history where-in the winning streak of the Confederate Army was stopped by the Union Army during the American civil war. This battle resulted in about 53000 causalities on both the sides. Movie begins with Harrison, a civilian informer, informing Gen Longstreet of the Confederate Army about the presence of Cavalry of the Union Army near Gettysburg. Confederate Army, with astrength of about 70000 men under Gen Lee was moving Northwards to destroy Union Army on ground of own choosing and further moving towards Washington DC. Not known to him, Union Army, under Gen Maude, with the strength of about 80000 men was in their pursuit to halt their progress. Both the Armies accidentally meet near Gettysburg. March of the Confederate Army was stopped by Gen Buford leading the Cavalry of the Union Army on July 1; the first day of battle. On July 2; the Confederates take control of Gettysburg but the Northerners hold on to Cemetery ridge, the high ground South of Gettysburg. Col Chamberlin’s regiment; holding the Southern flank is able to beat the attack of a division of the enemy. His regiment is down to half the strength and includes 116 mutineers who take up arms after his passionate speech. Moreover, after their ammunition is exhausted and they are low in strength; they charge the attacking enemy with bayonets on their muskets showing exemplary courage and hold on to their position. On July 3, Gen Lee concentrated entire Artillery on the slope between Cemetery ridge and the Little Round Top to silence Union army’s guns and soldiers and then take over the area with infantry;...
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