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Title: Advice given to middle level managers on landing a job of their choice

A Research Report Submitted To:

Covering Letter

RE: Group Project on Advice given to middle level managers on landing a job of their choice

Dear Father,
As part of our academic submission we, a group of 6, have been investigating and researching on the topic, “Advice given to middle level managers on landing a job of their choice”. We have tried to gather relevant information on the topic and found that the candidates for middle-level managerial positions lack some of the very basic skills, which are essential for getting a job of their choice. We have tried to analyse the scenario and have provided the necessary corrective measures in the report.

Yours sincerely,
Kumar Vikram


i. Research Topic: We have conducted research on “Advice given to middle level managers on landing a job of their choice.

ii. Objectives of the report:
a. To identify the qualities companies look for in middle-level managers. b. Where do middle level managers lack in these traits? c. How to develop these qualities and land a job of choice.

iii. Report results in brief:
a. Lack of awareness about the target companies. b. Very little or no research done on the companies. c. Mostly candidates have the traits but they fail to sell themselves.


While investigating on the research topic that how can middle-level managers land a job of their choice, we followed a certain pattern. We tried to analyse what are the roles for middle-level managers, we then visited the websites of some of the renowned MNCs and tried to find what these companies look for in such managers. Amazingly, we found that most of these companies look for some very similar, basic qualities. These qualities can be developed over time and needs intensive practice. We have suggested some of the personality development traits which help to build these basic qualities.

We talked to some of the successful middle-level managers and tried to find out what have they done differently. Their answer was that they knew about their goal, researched well on the target company and did very well in the interviews.

As part of the project we also read some of the feedbacks of recruiters and interviewers. The unanimous feedback was that most of the rejected candidates were not clear of their goal, had little knowledge about the company and lacked focus.

We have therefore, structured this report in such a way that we can identify the problem areas and provide solutions to them so that future aspirants and middle-level managers can land up with a job of their choice.

Report Text

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Problem Statement and Scope

3. Research Analysis

4. Conclusions and Recommendations

I. Overview:

The Turabian/Chicago style of research report presentation has been followed while analyzing and preparing the report on the topic "Advice given to middle level managers on landing a job of their choice"

II. Problem Statement and Scope:

Getting a job in today’s competitive world is a big challenge. Here we are not talking of any job, but specifically jobs that we desire to get. The competition at middle-level positions is particularly tough and...
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